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Get stuck into your new role

by Jamie Radford

You’ve done the hard work and landed the job of your dreams… It’s a great time for you and you can’t wait to get stuck into your new role…  But keep in mind, the hard work is not over and you need to impress your employer during your probation period (at least).

So here are the top 5 suggestions from the APA Careers HQ on how to live up to your interview and CV and continue to impress your new employer..

  1. Punctuality

Make sure you have a route to work all planned out allowing yourself at least 15 minutes to cover any delays or wrong turns on your way in. Lateness will get you noticed in the office very quickly, for all the wrong reasons.


Your attitude towards your work, team and colleagues will play a huge part in the relationships you build at work. Try to be positive as much as you can and avoid any negative goings on around you.

  1. Live up to your CV

Remember, they hired you for a reason, they liked your CV and how you presented yourself at interview. So remember the reasons they liked you at interview and bring them into the office.

  1. Take part

When it comes to your first team meeting, make sure you have a couple of questions lined up and don’t be scared to answer questions other people may have, especially if they relate to your specialism, this is one of the reasons why they need your skills.

  1. Look the part

Make sure you look and dress smart – it’s always best to be slightly overdressed than underdressed at work. Remember the impression you make on your first day will last a long time, so make it a good one!


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