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What it takes to succed

by Jamie Radford

We searched High & Low to try and find a guide on what it takes to “Succeed in Accounts Payable”, guess what nothing..

So we put a few ideas together on some of the key skills, attributes required to work in one of a businesses most critical areas.

This is where we need your help!! this will be a working document until we have gathered lots of feedback from individuals working at the coal face every day. The ups & downs the battle scars whilst trying to get our invoices approved & paid… plus the endless calls from Suppliers chasing.

We hope to combine these results with our 2017 AP Salary survey so we can continue to raise the profile of Accounts Payable Teams throughout the UK (heck the Globe!)

Dont worry your comments and thoughts will be totally anonymous (unless you are the next budding AP Blogger)

Please help to shape the future of our Industry…


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