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Why Invest in Learning and Development for a Successful Accounts Payable Career?

by Jamie Radford



Many people ask why they should invest in their learning and development if they are not going to receive a formal qualification or professional CPD points for their efforts… 


Yes, it’s true, some learning events will not give you this formal recognition, while others will, but continued learning is an essential part of your career growth plans if you want to move up the ladder in Accounts Payable. Employers are continuously on the lookout for rising stars in their companies and by putting the time aside to attend in-person or virtual events to develop your skill set, it could open up a myriad doors for you and could be your ticket to faster-track success in the AP industry. 



As you’ll no doubt be aware, the Accounts Payable and financial industries in general can be incredibly competitive with so many talented people with a whole host of qualifications under their belts. Obviously, these certifications are important to get into the financial industry in the first place, but for those who pay attention to their personal and learning development will put themselves ahead of the competition and see employers start to take notice, especially if you are networking as well. Within professional learning and development, emotional and problem solving skills are also part and parcel of improving oneself, and these go a long way to succeeding in any career in today’s economic climate. 



Where to start? 

Thanks to the ongoing evolution of internet resources including podcasts, webinars, virtual classroom trainings and other virtual and distance learning options, professional development is not only possible in your spare time, from the comfort of your sofa, but also very easily accessible no matter where you are.  


There is no longer a need to sign up for evening classes at your local learning institution or travel further afield after work or on weekends just to attend training and gain additional skills and certification to further your career.  


Now, all you have to do is sign into a Zoom session in your lunch hour, click to reserve your “seat” in a webinar, download a series of podcasts to listen to at your leisure, or sign up to one of the numerous reputable online courses available to you any time of the day or night. You can even study during your commuting time – so the “no time” excuse is no longer valid! 


A simple search online will bring up a huge variety of learning options to choose from and you will be able to take your pick within your available budget. Some are even completely free!  


For example, our Virtual Learning Event during APA Appreciation Week (13th to 17th May) is the perfect opportunity to begin your professional development journey – free. 


We also have courses from AP Technician through to Fast Track AP Management and can guide you in finding the best courses for you to further your career in the direction YOU want. 



Putting even just a small amount of time aside to improving your skill set within AP can also: 


  • Renew motivation in your AP career 
  • Increase daily productivity 
  • Bring new ideas for doing your job in more efficient ways 
  • Build your confidence 
  • Build your credibility 



And, for employers who invest in their staff’s professional development, improved retention rates are a real result! 



With teamwork, effective open plan offices, hands on training, work-life balance awareness, coping during stressful periods and problem solving being high on the agenda at many companies, dedicating some of your spare time to develop yourself in your AP career will be priceless. 



To find out more about the APA Appreciation Week, click here and sign up to attend virtually. 





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