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Ask the Experts and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

On this page there is both content relating to ask the experts and also frequently asked questions with answers for some of the most popular questions we get asked. The amount of content on this page will grow over the coming years as we add new content based on requests.

Ask The Experts

The APA has a number of experts across the broad spectrum of the Accounts Payable discipline. This member-only section provides the opportunity to raise questions, queries, concerns, etc. with our team of experts.

We will always endeavour to respond to questions asked in a reasonable timescale and on occasions will aim to provide contact details of organisations that should be able to assist further.

Whatever your question, come on don’t be shy ask the experts! It may be that you need advice about a project, or maybe you are looking to progress your career in AP or Finance but need some help and guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section are listed a number of the most popularly requested frequently asked questions by members.

Frequently asked questions and answers from the APA:

What Is The APA?

The APA is an abbreviation for the Accounts Payable Association. The APA is a UK based member organisation, which is committed to serve the Accounts Payable discipline within the finance function and to elevate its standing as a valuable finance role. The Association acts as a support role to members in the AP and wider finance sector. For further information about the APA visit our About Us page.

Who Manages The APA Day To Day?

The APA is managed day to day by a leadership team. The Association was created by several leading AP professionals who are now members of this leadership team. Together the team has a wealth of experience within organisations of all sizes and in a variety of industries.

Can Companies Join The APA?

The APA is a member organisation and as such a company subscription does not exist. Instead employees within the AP/Finance field can become members and represent their companies’ interests.

How Do I Make Contact With The APA?

The contact details for the APA are all provided on our contact us page.

Why Is Much Of The Content On The Site Restricted From View?

A significant part of the content is available to members only. This is part of the benefits that members receive as a part of their subscription. To unlock this content, become a member today and reap the benefits of membership.

How Do I Report Any Issues With The Website?

If you notice issues with this website (e.g. broken links, continual slow loading, not compatible with your browser, etc.) please do report them either by phone or email and we will investigate the issue. We will also report back to you the fix to your issue if we find a fault. Reporting of any issues with this website is always welcomed as this gives a chance to improve the experience for all visitors.

What Level Of Courses Are Currently Available From The APA?

There are currently three different types of course available from the APA, these are:

  • APA Induction Certificate
  • APA Technician Certificate
  • APA Managers Certificate

Do You Have Any Suggestions For Navigating Around The APA Website?

Here are some tips on navigating better around the website:

  • Top Navigation Bar – This is in black and features a range of links, starting with a link to the home page
  • Footer area links – Under the further information heading are a series of links to pages around the website
  • Search – If you can’t find the content your looking for then type a search in the search box which is located in the top right corner of each page on the website
  • Member login – Always remember to login as members have access to a wider range of content that is otherwise restricted from view
  • APA Blog – A range of news and informative articles are published regularly at the APA blog

Can I Submit A Blog Article To Be Published On The APA Site?

Absolutely yes! The APA would love to receive articles from members of the APA. We are actively seeking a variety of articles ranging from thought-provoking, humorous, anecdotal or statistics based articles, etc. If you have an idea for an article let us know, or if you’ve already written an article send it through to us at and we will let you know our thoughts. The APA reserves the right to refuse to publish articles received.

Be sure to read the regular articles published by the APA on the blog, these contain a mine of information about the AP industry.

Can I Copy Content From The APA To Use On My Own Website?

The APA vigorously protects its copyright and does not permit the direct copying of content onto external websites. If you are in any doubt contact us and also refer to our copyright statement for further advice.

Can Our Organisation Advertise Our Services, Events And Job Vacancies Through The APA Website?

There are a range of options, which are listed below:

  • Services – Relevant services to APA members can be advertised on the website. We reserve the right to reject certain advertising requests based on their applicability to members
  • Events – The APA are keen to list all relevant events to APA members. These may be subject to an advertising fee, please see our events page after becoming a member for some example listings
  • Job Vacancies – The APA welcomes job vacancy listings as a service to members. These are listed at the Career HQ – Latest Jobs page. The paid membership option for managers also gives the opportunity to post up to two free online monthly recruitment advertisements each month

Seeking Answers To Additional FAQs

The frequently asked questions on this page will grow over time as we continue to add new questions and answers. If there are any additional FAQs you’d like to raise then please contact us and we will be glad to consider your request.


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