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Digitise your AP processes – from purchase requisition to approval to order – from delivery and delivery note to invoice receipt, to payment . Traditionally, the work steps in the procurement process are handled in different organisational units – sometimes even in several locations and also often still paper-based. But why do things the hard way, when it can also be easy? Rely on the advantages of digital procurement in the procurement process and gain the maximum in transparency and efficiency. And also reduce things like maverick buying to a minimum.

The EASY Procurement system supports you in all subprocesses of the digital procurement process – because, lined up like beads on a string, there is no risk of information loss between the different departments and subprocesses.

But see for yourself how you can achieve advantages in the procurement process with the solutions from EASY for electronic procurement.

  • AP Automation
  • Workflow
  • Archiving
  • Document Management
  • Capture
  • Contract Management


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