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APA Quality Programme

The cutting-edge accreditation for AP Best Practice. Boosting your organisation's recognition, staff motivation, and AP value with APA Q quality recognition.

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What is the Quality Programme?

The Quality Programme is a voluntary accreditation from the APA that recognises your team’s commitment to quality, continuous improvement and best practice in Accounts Payable.

It helps you review and improve your AP processes, people development and strategic management. Successful completion of the programme confirms all of these areas are fit for purpose and aspire to best practice.

The programme is suitable for AP functions of all organisations and sizes. Once accredited your organisation will become part of the APA Best Practice Network.

As well as improving your AP function, and gaining public recognition, the programme can lead to improved staff acquisition and retention, and greater recognition of the value delivered by AP.

Why should you be accredited?

APA Q programme is relevant to international organisations, SSCs, SMEs and even stand-alone AP Professionals.

The Q Programme, leading to APAQ accreditation, is the ultimate recognition that your AP department is a Best Practice and high-performing department. Once accredited, your organisation will become part of the APA Best Practice Network, sharing knowledge with other AP professionals at a similar level.

Cutting Edge Platform Accreditation
Cutting Edge
Globally Recognised Accreditation
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APA Accreditation gives access to the largest AP Community
Access to the
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AP Department Growth Plans Accreditation
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APA Accreditation improves staff attraction and retention
Improved Staff
Attraction & Retention
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Which areas do we assess?

APA Accreditation
APA Accreditation also assess your organisation
AP Function
APA Accreditation also assess your organisations technology
APA Accreditation also assess your organisation sustainability
APA Accreditation also assess your business resilience
Business Resilience


All candidates will be assessed based upon supporting documents submitted as part of the online self assessment, with a particular focus on the comprehensiveness and quality of the documents. Key stakeholders from within the candidate's business will be interviewed, with part of the assessment based upon their perspective of the department and examples provided of collaboration.

An APAQ accreditation is valid for two years, at which point a company must be re-assessed to confirm they are still operating to the required level.

In the event a candidate is not successful on their first attempt, they will be provided with a full report highlighting areas for improvement and guidance on how to improve. Candidates will have an opportunity to re-submit their documentation within 6 weeks, before a 2nd review takes place.

Successful candidates will have regular review meetings following their achievement of an APA Q accreditation, to check progress and help support the candidate on their journey to best practice.