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Copyright statement

Accounts Payable Association Copyright Statement

On the APA website we invest a lot of time and effort to create unique, valuable and interesting content relating to the accounts payable industry and profession. We therefore need to copyright our content and ensure that it remains on this website alone. For clarity purposes we’ve documented our approach to copyright in this copyright statement. We’d appreciate your time in reading through this statement and ensuring you understand and more importantly agree with the principles and points we’re making.

APA Copyright Ownership

The APA is the exclusive owner and holder of copyright (unless specifically stated or accredited to another party) of and its entire contents. These will include all text, website code, images/photos, audio and video clips – unless as we say copyright is accredited in the content to another party.

The APA specifically requests that the content is not reused for commercial reasons. This includes full re-use, partial re-use, modifications, adaptations and also the wider-scale publication of our content on third party websites.

Use Of APA Content For Personal Use

As a member organisation the APA is here for our members and openly welcomes members to read through all of the content on the website, it’s why we created it!

All content on the APA website can be used for personal use, we are happy for visitors to download content to use on their desktop or via a mobile browser. Also, feel free to print off content as long as it is only for personal/professional use.

As a member organisation, we love to share knowledge and reach potential new members, so we’d be delighted if you shared content via sending links and/or by sharing on social media. Also any backlinks you can obtain to our website will be appreciated; we are always more than happy when other sites link to pages on our website.

Obtaining APA Permission

For anybody wishing to use APA content for anything other than personal reasons please do contact us. Contact us at the following address and we will consider your request:

The Accounts Payable Association

10-12 Newhall St,


B3 3EF

Or instead send an e-mail to explaining for what purpose you would like to use the content. We will reply to your request ASAP (typically within 72 hours) and will inform you of our decision about use of the content. We may decline permission to use the copyrighted content in situations where we believe it isn’t in the best interests of the APA and its members.

Possible Legal Action For A Copyright Breach

The APA has applied considerable effort in the creation of our website and the content within it. Where copyright is clearly breached the APA reserves the right to consider taking legal action.

The APA will always try to resolve the situation first; we will make contact with third parties where a breach occurs and aim to resolve as a priority. Our initial approach would be to send an email requesting that the content which has been re-used is removed from their website or other publication. Provided this content is removed in a timely fashion no further action would be taken.

Where a request is ignored or maybe even declined, the APA reserves the right to commence legal action. This could include seeking an injunction for the removal of the relevant content.

What To Do If You See APA Content Elsewhere

In circumstances where you observe APA website content which has clearly been copied to a third party site (with or without a backlink to the APA) please get in touch. The APA will then consider what has occurred and contact the other party if necessary.

Copyright Claims Against The APA

The APA works hard to ensure that all the content on the website is 100% unique and interesting. In the unlikely event that you believe the APA has breached your copyright please do let us know as a matter of urgency. The APA will always seek to resolve the problem as a matter of high priority.

The APA really appreciates your time in reading through this copyright statement.


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