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P2P Excellence Development

You can embark on the journey to excellence with this course, APA/IiE Excellence Development Programme. You can gain an accredited and recognised qualification when you complete the course and graduate. You can also call yourself an Excellence Champion.

In this course, you’ll have the development and learning in your hands. You’ll find you’re challenged to think about yourself, how you live and work, where you work, what’s it like, who you work with, and how you can unlock your potential and improve your performance.

At the end of the course, there’s a community of learners waiting to welcome you as a fellow graduate, where you can further share your learning and your ideas.

Module 1 Me and values: Values improve your performance at work

  • Let's get started
  • Your Excellence Portfolio
  • What are values to you?
  • What is important to me?
  • My values system
  • What makes values valuable to an organisation?
  • Discover your personal core values
  • Your top 7 life values
  • Your top 5 life values
  • Your top 3 life values
  • Think about how you can use your top 3 in life and work
  • When your values are challenged
  • What are personal core values?
  • Values, attitude and behaviour
  • Your career values
  • The Cultural Iceberg
  • Career values
  • Comparing values
  • Living values at work
  • Looking ahead
  • Can you give an example from work where you have seen values changing behaviour?

Module 2 Me and organisation: Getting to know your organisation

  • Let's get started
  • Organisational core values
  • The good, the bad and the whacky
  • The link between core values and customer service
  • Customer service broken down
  • Values, Culture and great Customer Service
  • Values create the culture and deliver success
  • Leading by values
  • Values and performance
  • Connection between values and performance – Case Study John Lewis
  • Where values sit in the Big Picture

Module 3 Me and culture: Working in a great culture

  • Values create the culture
  • Where culture begins
  • The McKinsey 7S Framework
  • Using the 7S Framework in your workplace
  • The Change Cycle
  • Models of culture
  • Time to reflect on your workplace
  • The Excellence Culture
  • The Voice of the Employee (VOE)
  • People make the difference

 Module 4 Me and purpose: Understanding where your company is going

  • Values, Vision and Mission
  • Putting it all together
  • A simple business plan
  • Plan, Do, Study, Act
  • Actioning the plan
  • Invitation to the Excellence Champions' Community
  • Evaluation of learning


Cost - £799+VAT


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