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Accounts Payable Association Privacy Policy

The Accounts Payable Association (herein APA) website is an information rich resource for AP professionals. When visiting the site we understand that visitors will want to know that their information is managed in a safe and secure manner. The APA is happy to guarantee this.

The APA is a member organisation and therefore it goes without saying that we treat user privacy extremely seriously. The APA will work hard to ensure that users have an enjoyable but also safe experience when using the APA website. This privacy policy provides help and guidance about the information that may be collected by the APA and why we keep it. Please read through this privacy policy and once you’re happy then continue to enjoy the information contained within the website.

By continuing to use the functionality of the APA website, it is assumed that visitors will have read and fully accepted this privacy policy.

The Data That The APA Collects From You

The vast majority of websites around the world will collect data as visitors travel through a website; this is also the case for the APA website. The APA will collect data, e.g. your IP address and will use this to personalise your experience whilst on the website.

Visitors that are “logged in” to the system we will be able to identify by their user information, visitors not logged in will not be personally identifiable in the same way, but through IP address we can still personalise their experience to some extent.

Another important way that the APA collects information and also enhances each visitor session is through the use of cookies. Please read the cookie section below to learn more about this aspect of privacy.

APA Use Of Cookies

Cookies are (usually) small files which are first downloaded and then stored within the browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.) Cookies provide information to the APA which is used to recognise each user and to provide a more personalised user experience on subsequent visits to our website. Information from cookies may be used to analyse how users are utilising the site, although this is not usually at an individual user level. By understanding user behaviour we aim to provide the best possible experience and this will also help to shape future improvements to the website.

There are two different types of cookies; these are called session cookies and there are also persistent cookies. A session cookie as the name suggests only works for the individual session (or visit) you make to the APA, once a visitor has left the site the session cookie will disappear. A persistent cookie is saved as an electronic file on your computer permanently. Persistent cookies will let the APA know that the user has visited before and enable us to provide a more personalised visitor experience.

For users who don’t like the thought of cookies, they can be blocked. If your preference is to prevent the APA from having access to this information then users should set their browser settings to block cookies (note this will need to be done for each browser software used). The blocking of cookies may restrict certain functionality and would also mean as an example needing to type your user name and password each time you visited the site (as login details would not be stored in a cookie).

Data Guarantees – What The APA Won’t Do With User Data

Having discussed what the APA does with user information it’s also important for us to discuss what we will not do. The APA will not sell your information; the APA also guarantees that user data will be stored safely and securely until it is no longer needed. Data disposed will be disposed as per the requirements of the Data Protection Act, 1988.

If a situation arises where the APA believes it would be of benefit to pass user information to a third party we would always seek prior approval, before information is passed on.

APA Third Party Website Links

Throughout the APA website we will link our website content to other websites which we believe are of benefit to APA users. These websites will be governed by their own privacy policies; the APA would recommend users to read these policies as a part of visiting the website.

APA Privacy Policy Changes

The APA may make changes to this privacy policy at any point in time. The APA recommends visiting this privacy policy each time you visit (or at least periodically) to ensure that you aware of the latest policies on privacy.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this privacy policy.

©APA – Last Updated 11th February, 2016.

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