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Web Accessibility Policy

Accounts Payable Association Accessibility Statement

The APA takes website accessibility very seriously and is committed to ensuring our website is usable by everyone, irrespective of their abilities and/or disabilities. As a member organisation, the APA believes it is important that the needs of all our member community are met including those with accessibility needs. These are the reasons why it is vital that our website is inclusive (and not exclusive).This statement documents the APA’s approach to web accessibility and the action taken to create an accessible website for all to enjoy.

The Equality Act 2010 And Related Guidelines

The Equality Act 2010 says that no users should be restricted from both being able to view and use a website. The APA has created this website to be compliant with the Equality Act 2010 and has also designed the website in light of standards from the RNIB and W3C WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) guidelines. Functionality available includes:

  • The use of ALT Tags – The APA uses ALT tags for all images. These provide additional descriptive text for visually impaired users of the site that use computer aids. These users have additional computer aids which reading this description text aloud. Visually impaired users can then appreciate the pictures posted on the website and their associated text.
  • The use of descriptive hyperlink text – The APA has also created descriptive links. This enables users to know the context of what they are clicking on before they make the click. The applied descriptions will particularly benefit the APA community that utilise screen readers
  • No use of frames – Using frames in website coding often present extra usability difficulties for users with disabilities. The APA has therefore decided against their use as a part of the sites web design.
  • A highly visible web colour scheme and associated fonts – The APA has created this new website for the benefit of all APA users. The website features a high contrast colour scheme; this is optimised for the benefit of accessibility for all users.

To make use of the access keys above users need to press both the Alt key and the key above simultaneously on the keyboard. Then press the enter key to open a new page.

Altering Your Browser Text Size

The APA website has designed this website with an optimal text size we believe is best for everyone. Any user though can change the default text size displayed. To make changes to the text size check your individual browsers instructions as these will vary from browser to browser.

Browser Accessibility Add-Ons

Provided below are accessibility information pages for the most popular web browsers:

Providing Feedback

The APA has provided maximum effort to provide a fully accessible website that will be beneficial to all users. Please do let us know though if there are any areas of the website which you find difficult to use. The APA welcomes all constructive comments and feedback regarding the accessibility of the website. This feedback will be fed into future development work if changes are discovered which need to be made.


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