Recover. Reconcile. Realise the Unseen Value

WMA are a leading provider of best practice solutions for AP and P2P.

Our thorough audit and validation process helps organisations locate and recover multiple types of historical payment discrepancies, finalised by our comprehensive AP function health-check report.

Our autorecs solution fully automates 100% of supplier statement reconciliations quickly, accurately with extensive live reporting.

Autonomous AP: Your AI-Powered AP Inbox


AI Accounts Payable: Beyond Automation

Kloo is an AI-powered Accounts Payable automation layer that transforms and integrates seamlessly with your ERP. Eliminate manual tasks, strengthen financial control, and improve employee experience.

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One connection – global reach

Pagero provides a Smart Business Network that connects buyers and sellers for automated, compliant, and secure exchange of orders, invoices, payment instructions and other documents. With an open network and a wide range of value-added apps, Pagero helps businesses streamline their order-to cash and purchase-to-pay processes, unlocking the full potential of accurate and reliable business data.

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AP Automation Software

Open ECX is a multi-award-winning leader in cloud-based AP automation technology, operating globally to provide simple, scalable software that integrates seamlessly into existing ERP systems. The technology enhances and streamlines business processes, enabling customers to experience full automation and accounts payable efficiencies, with significant time and cost-saving benefits.

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We protect your spend. Every invoice. Every supplier. Every day.

FISCAL Technologies is the leading provider of transactional and supplier risk solutions that empower progressive finance teams across the globe to protect organisational spend.

Our award-winning software and services use forensics and AI to provide a unique view of risk. We continuously protect working capital and increase profitability, while defending against reputational damage and fraud.

Automated Statement Reconciliation with FISCAL Technologies


The Corporate Payments Automation Platform.

AccessPay is leading the way in driving digital transformation in payments operations within finance and treasury teams. Our cloud platform seamlessly connects corporates to their banks, by modernising processes across banking operations, minimising the risk of fraud and error, enhancing efficiency and optimising cash visibility.

The M&S Story – Automating Supplier Statement Reconciliation


Digital business platform solutions Data and Document Interchange Automation.

For over 30 years, Symtrax has helped craft, tailor, and seamlessly integrate customer-specific, platform-independent, automated software solutions and cloud-based document interchanges. Empower your enterprise to re-imagine existing processes with the help of our global expertise and cutting-edge technologies to reduce manual dependencies and achieve your digital transformation goals.

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Find your flow. Effortless Invoice Automation

Kefron AP is an accurate, adaptable and easy to use AI invoice automation solution that simplifies the most complex AP processes effortlessly with next-gen touch-free processing. Only Kefron AP provides extraction optimisation as standard, at no extra charge.

Our proprietary AI technology does the heavy-lifting and our team of skilled Extraction Experts refine and optimise so everything just flows.

Why Kefron AP - Accounts Payable Automation


Make Work Easy.

As a business, you’ll know that keeping on top of an ever-growing mountain of supplier invoices is a demanding task. Without a simple and efficient system for managing your business payments and outgoings, invoice processing quickly becomes overwhelming.

Goodbye, manual invoice processing. Hello, Verify.

Verify is a cloud-based automated invoice processing system that helps make invoice processing easy. You can maintain control throughout the process, knowing exactly where each invoice is and where it has been. Verify gives you the confidence that the data posted to your finance system is approved, correct and ready for payment.

Autonomous AP: Your AI-Powered AP Inbox


Basware is how finance leaders in global enterprises can finally automate their complex, labor-intensive invoice processes.

Our AP automation and invoicing platforms help you achieve a new level of efficiency – in a matter of months – while reducing errors and risks.

Basware. Now it all just happens.™

Basware, Now it all just happens.