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APA Annual Awards 2022

If it's Accounts Payable, it's at the AP Annual Conference!


Each year we celebrate the success of individuals & teams by hosting the Industry’s Prestigious APA awards ceremony.

The awards provide a unique opportunity for the AP Industry to publicly recognise the hard-working professionals who have made an impact on their organisation, the sector or those who achieved personal success over the past 12 months

This year we really do no need to “celebrate success” so make sure you nominate your teams, managers or organisations.

The process for nomination is simple complete the online form with a brief outline of why the individual/organisation deserves the award & we will be in touch.

Remember it’s not always the large hugely successful projects or achievement’s that make a real difference!


AP Team of the Year

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The AP Team of the Year will demonstrate excellence in their field, with proven examples of collective successes within the last 12 months.

The winning team may have positively impacted the wider business through outstanding achievements in the delivery of projects and encompass an infectious team spirit.

AP Manager of the Year

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In one of our most sought after awards, the individual needs to have shown continued & progressive management leading his/her teams through any period of change/uncertainty whilst being an advocate for the AP Function in their respective organisations.

Digital Transformation Award

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Never has there been a better time to recognise the efforts it took AP teams to move a back office/transactional function to work nearly entirely from individuals homes. This award will look at how teams adapted to the change & what technology they used to support the huge move!

Significant Team Achievement

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The winner of this award will demonstrate the successful delivery and or implementation of activities that have led to the betterment of the Business.

This can be anything from a Transformation Project or ERP upgrade through to the enhancement of people and their careers or something that improves the overall customer experience.

Outstanding Contribution

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This award recognises a person, team or organisation that has delivered far more than expected or asked.

Rising Star Award

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The Rising Star award recognises new talent within the industry, someone hungry to make a difference who is making their mark within the organisation and the wider profession.

One to watch for the future.

APA Leadership Award

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The AP Leadership award is given to an individual that has proven to be a strategic leader in their organisation. Leading their respective teams through periods of change or uncertainty are examples of core skills it takes to become a true leader in the world of transactional finance.

Overcoming Adversity

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This award recognizes the extra efforts of a person or team to overcome particular challenges, either internal or external to the organization, who have risen to overcome adversity and thrive.

Employee Engagment Award

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This award highlights the support given to the AP Function from their organisation. It can include areas such as internal awards/promotions or helping support the AP Function receive the support they deserve!

Wellbeing for Others

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This award recognises a person, team or organisation demonstrating unwavering commitment to others’ wellbeing.

How to enter

Application phase

Entries open: 20th June

Final Deadline: 23rd September

Use the button below to submit your entries. If you would like to nominate multiple people you must complete the entry form multiple times.

This is your chance to compete with other Accounts Payable professionals in 10 categories.

If you need any support in submiting your entry, feel free to get in touch via

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